Interesting Uses For Chili Sauce

We love to make and bottle incredibly chili sauce. There are so many places out there where a bottle of delicious, hand-made chili sauce can bolster even the most mediocre of dishes, and we’re happy to help with that. Okay, so let’s presume you’re in that boat too, and you’ve been using chili sauce to that end for a long time now. What else can you use chili sauce in? Well, we’ve found some weird and wonderful uses, and now we’re going to let you know all about them.

Add a little to your hot chocolate

Okay, we know how this sounds. Seriously though, try it! Using chili powder, chili flakes, or otherwise infusing chili into chocolate has long been a thing in Central and South America. In those places, both the cocoa plants and chili plants grow exceptionally well, leaving people who live there with an abundance of both. It was only natural that someone was going to give this a go one day!

The combination is utterly divine. The smooth richness of the chocolate balances out perfectly with the wonderfully sharp tang of good chili, leaving you with a decadent and moreish drink. We’d recommend you try it as soon as possible!

One thing we have noticed online, however, is that this recipe is often enhanced by having a bit of added sweetness. For that reason, we’d recommend adding a teaspoon or two of both sugar and hot sauce to your mug of cocoa - that makes for a great balance!

Mix with some cranberry sauce for an amazing glaze

Okay, we all love to have some form of meat or meat substitute that’s been glazed with an incredible sauce. In our house, we love to make a teriyaki-style sauce with a dash or two of our hot sauce for some added warmth. Making a great glaze comes down to two things - the sugar and the spice. The sugar allows a glaze to get really nice and sticky as it thickens up, while the spice kicks through the sweetness to enhance the meat that’s used.

We love to mix a whole bottle of our chilis sauce with a can of cranberry sauce to make the most amazing glaze we’ve ever come across. The thickness of the two liquids is perfect - our sauce is just the right consistency to be whisked with cranberry sauce and form a thin glaze that will thicken with time and heat - divine! If you’re not a fan of cranberries (we get that, they can be a bit weird) give it a go with any type of jam that you can find. Berries are best, we find, thanks to how naturally sweet they are - but anything will taste amazing!

We love to find unique and interesting ways to use our delicious chili sauce, and these are two of our favorites. Have you got a funky way to use chili sauce that you love? Let us know, we’re always interested in hearing ways that our sauce gets used.